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Heavy-Duty Container Chassis Types

At Rio Container Management, Inc. in Miami, Florida, we offer different types of container chassis. We also offer powerful diesel generators for containers that have refrigeration systems. Trust us to provide the equipment you need to transport your goods without any problems.

Chassis Options

Our company understands that containers need the right chassis while they're in transit. That's why we offer various kinds of chassis to make sure you find one that's compatible with the container you intend to use. Note that the prices for chassis vary depending on size and condition. You can choose from the following types:

40' Gooseneck 40' Tri-Axle 20' Slider 20' Slush Back 40' Straight Frame 20' Tri-Axle Slider

Container Generator Sets

If you're transporting perishable goods over long distances, you need containers fitted with industrial-grade refrigeration systems. This prevents cargo spoilage while in transit. To power these refrigeration systems, we offer under-mount and clip-on generators. These diesel generators have clips that secure containers to the chassis, with under-mounts that are fastened to the bottom of containers. Get in touch with us today for complete information about our shipping containers, chassis, and generator sets.


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