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Cargo Containers

20' Standard Container

20' Standard

40' Standard Container

40' Standard

40' High Cube Containers

40' High Cube

45' Container
45' Container

20' Standard Open-Top

40' Standard Open-Top

20ft reefer container.
20' Standard Refrigerated

40' Standard Refrigerated

40' High-Cube Refrigerated

40' Flat Rack Container

20' Collapsible Flat-Rack


20' Flat Rack

40' Collapsible Flat-Rack

Cargo Containers for Your Valuable Shipments

Move commercial freight or any type of cargo over long distances, or simply purchase an empty storage box using our marine containers at Rio Container Management, Inc. A trusted and reliable seller of shipping containers, we offer a variety of equipment for your needs. Containers that can be used as static and portable storage spaces, modifications into houses and offices, freight-forwarding needs, import & export operations, and many other usages.


Shipping Containers for Different Types of Needs

We can ship USED and NEW marine containers directly to your local depot, or storage facility, anywhere in the World.

Our shipping containers can accommodate various types of cargo, used by movers, freight-forwarders, shipping lines and logistic companies. You can choose containers suitable for moving non-perishable goods, and also have containers with refrigeration systems for perishable shipments, frozen cargo, etc.

Container Types

For whatever kind of cargo you ship, we have the container types most suitable for them. They are available in various different types, dimensions, sizes, and with systems that make sure your shipments arrive in their destinations intact and in good condition. You may choose from the following:

20' Standard 40' Standard 40' High Cube 45' Container 20' Standard Open-Top 40' Standard Open-Top 20' Standard Reefer 40' Standard Reefer 40' High-Cube Reefer

Locations and Cost

Container prices vary depending on the size and condition. You can pick up the containers you wish to buy in ports located in North America, Central America, and South America.